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Our software runs quietly in the background, meticulously monitoring your PC's capabilities, ensuring your gaming sessions are effortlessly smooth.

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Key Features of UserFPS Monitor

Comprehensive Monitoring
Track your CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD, and HDD in real-time.
Bottleneck Identification and Analysis  NEW
Leverages advanced algorithms to detect and quantify peak and average bottlenecks in your CPU, GPU, RAM, and storage drives.
Detailed Performance Charts
Easy-to-understand visuals displaying hardware utilization.
Temperature Tracking
Stay informed about your system's heat levels for optimal performance.
Advanced FPS Insights
Current FPS - Know your game's frame rate in real-time.
FPS Drop Counter - Identify and address performance dips swiftly.
Max, Min, and Average FPS - Analyzed over 5-second intervals for precise adjustments.

Effortless Integration & Accessibility

Access with Ease. Monitor with Precision.

UserFPS Monitor integrates seamlessly into your gaming setup. It's always there when you need it but never in the way.

Simple Access
Find us in the Windows tray, just a click away.
Intuitive Interface
Review your game's performance without interrupting your play.
Real-Time Data
Instantly available, always up-to-date.
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